Our Technology Team

Phoenix Medical Systems

Phoenix Medical Systems India is Medicine Mondiale's Lifepod Infant Incubator manufacturing and distribution partner. Phoenix is an Internationally recognised manufacturer of ISO, CE and FDA approved neonatal equipment and they share our passion for making quality medical equipment available to everyone.

New Zealand

In partnership with Unitec, New Zealand's largest Institute of Technology, Medicine Mondiale is able to harness the best creative minds in the country to create novel technologies to improve global healthcare outcomes.

Symetric Technologies

Ross Ramm is the genius behind our unique LifePod power supply system, which protects the LifePod from power surges and keeps the incubator operating throughout significant power outages.

Christchurch Hospital Biomedical Engineering Department
New Zealand

The very smart Biomedical Technician team at Christchurch Hospital, provide us with medical device research expertise to develop novel low cost medical solutions.

Acron Plastics
Auckland, New Zealand

The team at Acron Plastics are experts in vacuum manufacturing technology and are responsible for production of the high tech LifePod plastic components.

Award Plastics
Christchurch, New Zealand

Using novel technology, the clever team at Award Plastics manufacture the clear glass plastic canopy of the LifePod Incubator.

Scott Houston
New Zealand

Scott Houston is an Internationally recognised IT entrepreneur and the genius behind the development of the Medicine Mondiale cloud based healthcare data system mi cloud.

John Borrows
Auckland, NZ

John 'The Professor' Borrows is an engineering genius who creates inventive technologies which enable us to rapid prototype our novel medical products.

Kate Wilkie
New Zealand

Kate majored in Human Nutrition and is a professional Nutrition Communications Manager, who provides expert opinion regarding our product formulations and nutritional marketing strategies.

Bridget Snelling
New Zealand

Bridget is a recognised expert on Global Healthcare Technology and Global Product Launches, and is a valuable member of our International Marketing team.

Cognito Food
New Zealand

The very clever multidisciplinary Cognito team, provide us with expert advice regarding the formulation, manufacture and regulatory requirements for our nutritional products.

Peter Lehrke, Pharmatech NZ Ltd
New Zealand

Peter has over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Nutrition industry and oversees our nutrition product and development program.

Louise Maxwell MCIM
New Zealand

Lousie heads up our Global Nutritional Products marketing strategy, and together with the NZ Marketers Ltd team, ensures we get our products out on a global scale.

Shenzhen Hurculesi Batteries

The Hurculesi team are experts in the design and manufacture of Lithium Ion batteries, ensuring our LifePod Incubators can continue to work even in extended power outages.

Auckland, New Zealand

The team at Marque-Magnetics custom manufacture electronic coils for our power supply, which ensure our power supplies continue to operate even in the most challenging environments.


Working in technical collaboration with KLC, we have developed a low cost, highly reliable PTC Thermistor heater element which is the 'engine room' of the LifePod Incubator. The LifePod Incubator is the first hospital incubator to operate continuously on 12 Volts DC.

Shenzhen China Textile Filters

Working in technical collaboration with the team at SCTF, we have developed a novel lifetime HEPA filter which ensures that all fresh air entering our LifePod Incubator, is free from any bacteriological contamination.

Swisspro Filters

Swisspro Singapore provide us with Katadyne filters, ensuring that 99.99% of all bacteria are removed from water used for humidifying the LifePod Incubator.

Andrew Sinclair

Project Manager, LifePod Infant Incubator

Andrew is an Industrial Designer with 13 years' experience designing and developing healthcare and humanitarian products in the United Kingdom, Africa, India and New Zealand.

Kerridge and Partners

Peter Kerridge

Kerridge and Partners is a consultancy business whose vision is to transform the leadership landscape. They do this through their work in executive search, board advisory and bespoke leadership solutions. Through them Medicine Mondiale has been connected with some extraordinary leaders to support our governance, business and R&D activities.