Our Commitments

Developing and commercialising innovative affordable products and technologies that make a significant and measurable impact on improving access to quality healthcare on a global scale.

Creating an International Network which promotes the development of sustainable enterprises, products and technologies, thereby improving access to quality healthcare outcomes on a global scale.

To develop strategic alliances with national and International academic and research based organizations and commercial

entities, which combine fundamental academic research with applied research, to fast track the commercialization of novel healthcare technologies.

Through a combination of advocacy and global surveillance initiatives, monitor the quality and safety and efficacy of global healthcare initiatives promoted by multinational businesses, Government and Non-Government Organizations, with the aim of improving the quality and cost effectiveness of Global Healthcare initiatives.

Medicine Mondiale is registered as a charitable trust under the New Zealand Charities Act, registration number CC27022 and all donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Medicine Mondiale is accredited under the New Zealand
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Partnership Fund

Our Awards

Our Patents

Medicine Mondiale has developed a significant portfolio of novel intellectual property in the form of worldwide patents and patents pending. They range from medical devices to nutritional product presentations.

Become Involved

Help as a Corporate

Our current corporate sponsors help us in many ways. They contribute people, skills, time, and donations.

Being involved with Medicine Mondiale will enrich your business and employees. This organisation runs through generous and kind people seeing an opportunity to do better and contributing. Could this be you? Sign up your business to help us!

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Help as an Individual

Medicine Mondiale operates as a virtual Social Enterprise with the majority of our team donating their time for free.

We believe everyone has a part to play in making quality healthcare accessible to the poorest of the poor and using their unique set of secular skills to make the world a better place.

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